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Archive for October 2016

Do You Have Difficulty Asking for Help?

Elderly Care Manhattan NY

Elderly Care Manhattan NY Many people go through life wanting to be as independent as possible. While that’s admirable, everyone needs help now and again, especially if you’re caring for an elderly loved one. You Turn Down Help Regularly When someone asks if they can help you with a particular task, what is your most…

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Does Your Elder Parent Need to Lose Weight?

Elder Care Brooklyn NY

Elder Care Brooklyn NY As a family caregiver it is your most important priority to help your elder parent remain as healthy and safe as possible as they age in place. Part of this is acknowledging the risks that your parent has with their health and taking steps to ease those risks so that they…

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Surprising Indicators That a Senior Has Dementia

Home Care Services Staten Island NY

Home Care Services Staten Island NY Dementia is a condition that many seniors and their family members may not realize they have until it is too late. It may start out as a little forgetfulness and turn into full-blown memory loss. As the dementia progresses, the older adult will need a fulltime elderly home care…

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Hearings Scheduled for Advocating for NYC Seniors

Senior Care Queens NY

Senior Care Queens NY Older Americans Act -The OAA promotes the well-being of older individuals by providing services and programs designed to help them live independently in their homes and communities. The Act also empowers the federal government to distribute funds to the states for supportive services for individuals over the age of 60. source:…

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