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Providing a Safe Home for your Parent

Homecare Brooklyn NY

Homecare Brooklyn NY Universal Design is the up-and-coming answer to allowing seniors to remain in their home as they age. These home designs take this time of life into consideration and plan accordingly. The doorways are wider, there are no stairs, all rooms are well lit, and door levers have replaced doorknobs. But universally designed…

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Why Might Your Elder Loved One Be Constipated?

Elder Care Staten Island NY

Elder Care Staten Island NY Constipation can cause all sorts of trouble for your elder loved one, some of it painful. Be sure to talk to your loved one’s doctor if she’s experiencing constipation so that you can narrow down the exact cause quickly. Her Diet If your elder loved one isn’t eating enough healthy…

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Tips for Caring for a Senior Suffering a Stomach Ulcer

Home Health Care Brooklyn NY

Home Health Care Brooklyn NY Each year throughout the United States approximately 500,000 people are diagnosed with a peptic ulcer. This accounts for around 5 million people across the nation suffering from this condition at any given time. An ulcer is an open sore in the lining of the stomach or in the upper portion…

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Tips for Selecting Puzzles for National Puzzle Day

Homecare Staten Island NY

Homecare Staten Island NY Putting puzzles together is a fun and nostalgic activity that many families enjoy doing together. As a family caregiver, this activity can carry even more benefit. Doing puzzles offers a wide variety of cognitive benefits, including supporting memory skills, strengthening critical thinking skills, supporting self-confidence and self-esteem, and boosting mental and…

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