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Why Might Your Elder Loved One Be Constipated?

Elder Care Staten Island NY

Elder Care Staten Island NYConstipation can cause all sorts of trouble for your elder loved one, some of it painful. Be sure to talk to your loved one’s doctor if she’s experiencing constipation so that you can narrow down the exact cause quickly.

Her Diet

If your elder loved one isn’t eating enough healthy foods, she’s more likely to have problems with her digestion. Fruits and vegetables have plenty of fiber and they’re full of vitamins and minerals, too. But cooking might not be something that your loved one is interested in, so it’s important to find other ways to help her get healthy, home-cooked meals. Cooking for her, having other family members help, or even enlisting the help of elder care providers can all make a big difference.

Not Enough Water

Your elder loved one needs plenty of water in order to keep her properly hydrated and to keep her digestive tract operating properly. Some elderly loved ones aren’t excited about drinking water, though, or they might worry that it can contribute to incontinence issues. One way that you can work around this is to help your loved one stick to a schedule for getting in plenty of water, stopping well before bedtime.

Loss of Muscle Strength

The muscles in your loved one’s intestinal tract are the main engines that move food and waste through her intestines. Beyond that, there are other muscles in her abdomen that help her to pass waste. As your loved one ages, these muscles lose some of their strength and therefore don’t operate as well. Some of this can be helped with an exercise program, while some requires other assistance.

Medication Side Effects

Depending on your elder loved one’s overall health, it’s possible that she’s taking quite a few different medications. Every medication has side effects and as your loved one combines additional medications, those side effects can start to add up. Talk to your loved one’s doctor about all of the medications that she’s taking and how they work together. Finding the right dosages and combinations can help to resolve some of your loved one’s issues with constipation.

Ask your loved one’s elder care providers to help you watch for signs of constipation in your elderly loved one so that you can stay on top of the situation for her.

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