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Fall Prevention Tips

man.fw_According to the Centers for Disease Control, 1 in 3 seniors fall every year, resulting in 90 percent of senior citizen hip fractures.  But falls can definitely be prevented.  Below are some steps you can take to reduce the risks of falls in your home:


Make Changes To Your Personal Wellness.

  • Talk with your doctor about your risks for falling.  Let him know if you have fallen, or have almost fallen.  Your doctor may refer you to a physical therapist to build your strength and stability.
  • Be physically active!  Physical activity strengthens muscles and increases endurance.  Your balance may improve with exercise and decrease the chances of falling.
  • Have your vision checked regularly.  Wear appropriate eyewear at all times.
  • Have your blood pressure checked while lying and sitting.  Blood pressure plays a big role in balance and weakness.
  • Choose safe footwear that is comfortable, stable, and reduces skids.
  • Have medications reviewed with your physician.  That means everything you are taking, not just the medications he has prescribed for you directly.


Make Changes In Your Home.

  • Remove safety hazards.
    • Ensure electrical and telephone cords are tucked away and cannot be tripped over.
    • Make sure carpet is secured to floor and stairs.  Rugs should be removed or secured with double-sided tape.
    • Avoid wet floors, and clean up spills right away.
  • Improve lighting.
    • Make sure there are light switches at the top and bottom of stairs, and at each end of hallways.
    • Put night lights and light switches close to the bed.
  • Install handrails and grab bars.
    • Have handrails on both sides of stairs and make sure they are secure.  A DME company can assist you with this.
    • Mount grab bars near toilets and around your tub and shower.
  • Move items to make easier to reach.
    • Don’t stand on a chair to reach something that is too high. Use a “reacher” instead (a special grabbing tools that can be purchased at medical supply stores).
    • If using a step stool, make sure it is stable with a handrail on top.
    • Keep things that you regularly use in reach.


Use Assistive Devices.

  • Appropriate use of canes, walkers and reachers can prevent falls.  A physical or occupational therapist will help you decide which devices will best fit your needs, and she will teach you how to use them appropriately.  Talk with your physician about having a physical or occupational therapist access your needs.
  • You may want to consider purchasing a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS).  This consists of a button worn around the neck.  If your loved one falls or need emergency help, he or she can press the button to alert the service.  Kingsbridge Home Healthcare is a provider of a PERS system.

Utilizing these simple steps can help to insure safety and prevention of falls and fractures!


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