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Fall Prevention Care

bigstock-nurse-showing-care-to-patient-21789335Over half a million slip or fall injuries requiring hospital care occur in the U.S. each year.  In fact, older adults are hospitalized five times more often for falls than for any other causes. Falls can create medical complexities due to interacting effects of age-related changes, illnesses, and disease processes.


Kingsbridge Home Healthcare goes beyond fall recovery to focus on fall prevention.  Our goal is to reduce falls and injuries in the home and to promote independence.  By being in the home with your loved one during daily activities, Kingsbridge can help significantly reduce the chance of falls or injuries.


How Kingsbridge Can Help:

  • Fall Risk Assessment

At the time each new client begins services with Kingsbridge, we evaluate the client’s lifestyle and environment, and identify and remedy potential fall hazards.


  • Fall Prevention Care Plan

A tailored Care Plan is created for each new client, specifically developed for their unique fall-prevention needs.  Our caregivers will be directed on ways to specifically help your loved one reduce falls and injuries in the home.


  • Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)

Kingsbridge can provide you with the services of a PERS emergency call button, should an accident occur during a time when our caregiver is not scheduled to be with your loved one.  This provides backup safety in the event of a fall or other emergency.


  • Fall Prevention Tips & Exercises

Along with complete tips for avoiding falls throughout all areas of the home, our program also implements exercise techniques to strengthen muscles needed for balance.  We also provide clients who may be at risk of falling with some additional fall prevention education.


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