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Why Do So Many Family Caregivers Feel Helpless When Burned Out?

Home Care Services Queens NY

Home Care Services Queens NYStressful jobs can take their toll on even the strongest individuals. People who have exceptional mental fortitude can be victims of prolonged stress and anxiety, to the point where they essentially give up, stop caring, and even quit.

For family caregivers, this can happen far too easily. It’s not even a matter of payment, because family members often begin taking care of elderly or disabled adult loved ones out of a sense of responsibility. They have no intention of getting paid. Yet, the same kind of stress and anxiety one may face with a career job or high stress job can be issues family caregivers face.

And, it can lead to burnout.

When getting burned out, many people usually have certain options. When it’s a job, they may be able to sit down with their boss or supervisor and request some extra time off. They may have accrued vacation time or have sick days they could tap into. If that doesn’t work, they may have the chance to quit, at least if it doesn’t impact them in a negative financial way.

What can family caregivers do?

They’re not doing it for the money. They’re doing it out of love, affection, and the desire for their family member to be safe, especially during a difficult time.

Many of these family caregivers can vent to a spouse, a friend, or even other family caregivers who have some type of experience in this, but it doesn’t always help. Yes, it can help people work through certain problems, but when an individual reaches the point of burnout, the only thing that may alleviate the pressure will be some time off.

That’s where home care support services comes into play.

Unfortunately, not all of these family caregivers working across the country are aware of home care support services. They may be aware of it on some distant level, but they’ve never considered it. Why? They might assume it’s too expensive, they might assume their family wouldn’t approve, or they have bought into various myths and misconceptions about it.

The truth is that hiring an experienced in home care aide is a far better option, and a lot more affordable, than a family caregiver getting so worn out by stress and anxiety that they get sick, they stop caring, or they stop going to visit the senior as expected, day after day after day.

Any family caregiver who feels the impact of stress and anxiety should consider at least discussing home care services.

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