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Why Is Medication Compliance Important for Your Senior After a Heart Attack?

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Home Health Care Staten Island NYWhen your elderly parent suffers a heart attack it can be a frightening and life-changing experience for both them and for you. As their adult child you love them and want them to be comfortable, safe, and to get the most benefit out of their recovery so that they can enjoy a higher quality of life as they get older.

As their family caregiver you want to know that they are getting the care that they need to heal and strengthen their body, and to reduce the risk that they are going to suffer another heart attack and more serious consequences moving forward. One vital component of achieving both goals is encouraging your parent to maintain medication compliance throughout their recovery period.

Medication compliance is all about your elderly parent following through with the prescriptions and guidelines given to them by their doctor. This means not only knowing what types of medications and treatments they have been prescribed and why, but taking them or following through with them in the specific way and timing that their doctor outlined.

Compliance is important because it ensures that your parent gets the intended effect of the medication or treatment. There is a reason that the doctor outlined the use of the medication or treatment, or presented the dietary restrictions and lifestyle guidelines, that they did the way that they did. By remaining compliant with these guidelines, your parent has the best chances of getting the full benefits the way that their doctor hoped.

If your parent is like many elderly adults, they are already taking other medications, engaging in other treatments, or following other lifestyle guidelines and instructions. This can make it difficult for them to integrate these new prescriptions and treatments into their routine. You can help them by offering reminders that trigger them to take their medication or to make different life choices as necessary to comply with the doctor.

Starting home health care for your elderly loved one can be one of the best decisions that you make for them throughout your care journey with them. Particularly if your aging parent is at increased risk for a heart attack or has recently suffered a heart attack, the highly personalized services of an in-home senior care services provider can help your senior to manage their needs and stay healthier and stronger throughout their later years.

By recognizing your parent’s individual care needs, this care provider can help your parent to address their needs in the way that is right for them according to their thoughts, beliefs, goals, and lifestyle. This means that they stay healthier, manage their challenges effectively, and enjoy a quality of life that is fulfilling and customized to them as an individual.

While they are recovering from a heart attack, this care provider can handle tasks around your parent’s home so that they can get the rest that they need, as well as provide valuable reminders to encourage your parent to remain compliant with the prescriptions and guidelines from their doctor.


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