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Providing a Safe Home for your Parent

Homecare Brooklyn NY

Homecare Brooklyn NYUniversal Design is the up-and-coming answer to allowing seniors to remain in their home as they age. These home designs take this time of life into consideration and plan accordingly. The doorways are wider, there are no stairs, all rooms are well lit, and door levers have replaced doorknobs. But universally designed homes are just now becoming a hot topic, leaving those that are presently aging in their homes faced with making a safe home from their present dwelling.

Easy Solutions for a Safe Home

As a family caregiver, you know your parent’s challenges better than most. Pay close attention to any particular issues that may be uniquely theirs. This may mean getting them reachers if they have trouble reaching items in cabinets. It could mean installing automatic stove sensors that turn the stove off when no motion is noted within a specified time.

There are a few easy solutions that can help keep your loved one safe. Remove any possible tripping or slipping hazards. This includes throw rugs, furniture that may be an obstacle, wires that cross pathways. Install grab bars in strategic locations such as in the shower and by the toilet. Install raised toilet seats. Install motion sensor lighting and make sure all areas are well lit and that glare has been resolved by adding anti-glare lampshades as needed. If your loved one has steps in the house, make sure they are contrasted with tape on the edge. Contrasting color throughout the home can help those with diminishing eyesight.

Modifying a Home

There may be more complex challenges and changes that you will need to address if you find your parent in a wheelchair. Light switches will need to be lowered to 48 inches. Doorways will need to be increased to 32 – 36-inches for clearance. Walking paths may need to be widened. If your loved one has stairs in their home, consider a stair lift or moving all of their living area to the first floor. Showers may require an easy access or a bathtub with a door. Levers may need to replace all doorknobs.

Homecare Provider

A homecare provider can help keep your loved one safe at home by being your eyes and ears when you can’t be there. They can assist with the daily activities such as bathing, dressing and meal preparation. They can help keep them strong by accompanying them on their daily walks or providing transportation to exercise classes. They can provide the companionship so important to the elderly.

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