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What Kinds of Foods Should Your Loved One Be Eating if She’s Facing Osteoporosis?

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Homecare Brooklyn NYThere are lots of solutions for osteoporosis, but one of the biggest is proper nutrition. Having the right diet can help your loved one to develop stronger bones, even if she already has osteoporosis. Your loved one’s doctor can help you to determine where your loved one’s diet is lacking and what changes you can make right now.

Lean Proteins

Lean proteins help to give your elderly loved one energy and keep her muscles and bones strong. This is especially important if your elderly loved one is getting ready to start a new exercise plan. Stick with protein choices such as fish, poultry, or lean meats. Plant-based proteins from nuts and seeds are also good choices.

Leafy Green Vegetables

Vegetables are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals that your loved one’s body needs in order to stay healthy. Green leafy vegetables in particular, such as spinach or kale, can help your loved one get plenty of nutrients. Other vegetables, like broccoli, are also high in calcium, making them even more beneficial.

Green Tea

Green tea contains all sorts of components that help your loved one’s body to heal. It even contains nutrients that can help her bones to stay strong. If your loved one doesn’t enjoy green tea, consider replacing just one cup of coffee each day or making iced tea. As she becomes more used to the taste, it may become easier for her to drink regularly.

Foods High in Calcium

Low-fat dairy, such as milk, cheese, and yogurt, can be extremely beneficial for your elderly loved one if she’s facing osteoporosis. Other foods are high in calcium, though, too. Salmon and sardines are excellent sources of lean protein, healthy fats, and lots of calcium.

Foods High in Vitamin D

While calcium has long been thought to be the key nutrient in terms of bone health, it turns out that vitamin D is also really important. Your loved one’s doctor can check her vitamin D levels to determine how much supplementation she may need. Many people are seriously deficient in vitamin D in modern society, but it’s something that can be easily remedied.

Talk to your loved one’s homecare providers about including some of these foods into your elderly loved one’s daily diet.

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