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Tips for Selecting Puzzles for National Puzzle Day

Homecare Staten Island NY

Homecare Staten Island NYPutting puzzles together is a fun and nostalgic activity that many families enjoy doing together. As a family caregiver, this activity can carry even more benefit. Doing puzzles offers a wide variety of cognitive benefits, including supporting memory skills, strengthening critical thinking skills, supporting self-confidence and self-esteem, and boosting mental and emotional health.

January 29 is National Puzzle Day. On this day, help your parent enjoy these benefits and improve their quality of life moving forward by making putting together puzzles a regular part of the mental stimulation element of your loved one’s care routine.

In order for your parent to get the most benefit from putting together puzzles, it is important that you select the right puzzles. Use these tips to help you select your parent’s puzzles for National Puzzle Day and the rest of the year:

• Choose enjoyable designs. There are virtually endless options for puzzle designs. Whatever your parents’ interests or passions, you are most likely going to be able to find a puzzle that corresponds with it. Choosing a puzzle with an image that speaks to their personality and passions will keep them more interested and stimulate their brain further. For a special gift, consider creating a custom puzzle for them with an image of their family or a picture that you took of something special to them.

• Think challenging, but not too challenging. Putting a puzzle together should be a challenge, but it should not be overwhelming. You do not want your parent to be able to just put the puzzle together without having to think about it because this will offer no cognitive benefit. On the other hand, you also do not want the challenge to be too extreme or it will frustrate and upset your parent. Find one that will be enjoyably challenging so that your parent has to think and work at it, but also approachable enough that they can get a sense of accomplishment as they work through it.

• Consider size. When considering a puzzle for your parent, make sure that you think about the final size. You will need to have a space large enough to work on the puzzle that will not get in the way or interfere with your parent’s daily needs. If you intend on sealing and displaying the puzzle, you should also consider where you will put it when finished.

Starting homecare for your aging parent can be one of the most effective and nurturing decisions you can make for your parent throughout the course of your caregiver journey with them. This can be especially true when it comes to helping them keep their mind sharp, engaged, and active. The highly personalized services of an elderly homecare services provider ensure that your parent’s individual needs, challenges, and limitations are managed properly while also finding enjoyable and meaningful ways to stimulate their mind.

This can include a variety of activities both in their home and out. If your elderly parent enjoys doing puzzles, this care provider can help them to find puzzles that will be enjoyable but also adequately challenging to sharpen and engage their mind to help improve their cognitive process, memory, and critical thinking skills.


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